Hoptoberfest All Grain Recipe

This recipe is the first non-kit recipe I did since I started all grain brewing and myself as well as others thought it turned out fairly good.   The concept was to have a grain bill in the Oktoberfest style but then hop it up with not necessarily hops that are in the style. …

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Dark Lord Day 2010

Yes I know this happened almost a year ago now way before Chicago Beer Geeks existed, but I am still working on things for the site so wanted to post a video I took wandering the crowd and lines that are dark lord day. Enjoy [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se1MxpvtA54′]

Welcome to Chicago Beer Geeks

Chicago Beer Geeks is a new site for news, reviews, and information in and around the Chicago-land area regarding what we all love, Beer.  The idea for the site is to become a good source of information for all beer lovers, have some group gatherings and meet new people who …

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