Hopslam Week 2011

One thing we’ve learned w/ certainty these past couple weeks is that the state of Michigan owns craft beer for the month of January. The Double Trouble release from Founders handled business last week as the opening act for the insanely delicious, highly anticipated, wildly popular cult favourite..Hopslam from Bells …

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Founders Event at Haymarket Brewery

Tonight a couple of us Chicago Beer Geeks headed over to the new Haymarket Brewery for a special Founders event they were throwing.  12 Founders beers on tap including some rarities such as: Canadian Breakfast Stout, Nemesis, Backwoods Bastard, and Nawego County Cherry.  There were other Founders on tap as …

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Top 5 of 2010 List

This top 5 list is my personal list of what I considered my top 5 beers of 2010.  Please comment and tell us what your top 5 beers were this past year. The beers in my list I consider my top that I had this year all based on my …

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Oskar Blues

A friend recently reminded me that Oskar Blues is distributed to Wisconsin, so I recently picked up some Ten Fidy RIS and some Gubna IIPA. So effing good. I strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried these to go purchase them immediately.

Odd Man Outed

After receiving harsh feedback from a beer community up in arms, Stone Brewery has released a response to their recent “Odd Beers for Odd Years” communication. They will continue to offer their standard IRS and Old Guardian Barley Wine… as well as the Belgo take on them previously disclosed. Having just …

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Hoptoberfest All Grain Recipe

This recipe is the first non-kit recipe I did since I started all grain brewing and myself as well as others thought it turned out fairly good.   The concept was to have a grain bill in the Oktoberfest style but then hop it up with not necessarily hops that are in the style. …

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Dark Lord Day 2010

Yes I know this happened almost a year ago now way before Chicago Beer Geeks existed, but I am still working on things for the site so wanted to post a video I took wandering the crowd and lines that are dark lord day. Enjoy [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se1MxpvtA54′]