Eagle Rare and Angel’s Envy Variants Headline Bourbon County Stout’s 2023 Lineup

Bourbon County Angel’s Envy 2-Year Cask Finish Stout

The greatest stout in American history – Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout is set to make it’s return this Fall with a tight five-variant lineup focused on extended age releases and a return to the classics. 

Bourbon County Brand Angel’s Envy 2-Year Cask Finish Stout is the company’s first time bottling a BCS that was aged in wine casks. As an homage to the source whiskey this variant spent a year in Angel’s Envy bbls before transferring to Ruby Port Wine bbls for another year. 

We would argue that Prop 2017 (Bananas Foster BCS) is the best iteration of that beer that ever existed. For 2023 this cult classic will see national distribution. 

2023 Bourbon County Brand Bananas Foster Stout

Rounding out Black Friday 2023 will be Backyard Rye, a Berry BCS that finished as runner up in FOBAB 2013. For those of you waiting on the polarizing ‘why would you do that’ variant – Prop this year is a Rice Pudding BCS…yes, rice pudding.

Full details listed below.


Black Friday 2023


 2023 Bourbon County Brand Original Stout

Aged in Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, Four Roses and Wild Turkey barrels.


Eagle Rare 2-Year Reserve Stout

Aged for two years Eagle Rare barrels.


Angel’s Envy 2-Year Cask Finish Stout

Year One – Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon barrels.

Year Two. Ruby Port Wine barrels. 


2023 Bourbon County Brand Angel’s Envy 2-Year Cask Finish Stout
2023 Bourbon County Brand Proprietor’s Stout – Chicago Only


Bourbon County Bananas Foster Stout

BCS with Banana. Almond & Cassia Bark


 Backyard Stout

Rye Barrel Aged Bourbon County with Mulberry. Boysenberry & Marionberry.


 2023 Bourbon County Brand Proprietor’s Stout (Chicago Only)

Rice Pudding Inspired BCS with Cassia Bark. Brown Sugar. Raisins & Toasted Rice. 



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