Rick Bayless’ Two New Breweries

Tocayo Brewing Company: A Rick Bayless and Constellation Brands collaboration

Tocayo Brewing Company: A Rick Bayless and Constellation Brands collaboration

Chef Rick Bayless has taken his love affair with Chicago craft beer to completely new heights. Marisol, way back in 2010 was a Belgian Ale with green tea, coriander and tangerine zest brewed by Goose Island Clybourn. That moment of having a local house beer created for his restaurants has apparently led to this.

Tocayo Brewing Company is the joint venture between Rick Bayless and Constellation Brands. Tocayo’s first beer is Hominy White Ale. It’s a solid offering, taste more like Allagash White than Blue Moon. Once the beer made it to 80 retail accounts the decision was made to move it to bottles and cans. Two Brothers in Warrenville, Il is contracting the project. Perennial Artesian Ales Founder and Brewmaster, Phil Wymore is also consulting on Tocayo recipes.

The multi colored swirl on the Tocayo label has a different color scheme but reminds you a bit of the Two Brothers logo.

Tocayo launch party at Binnys Lincoln Park

Tocayo launch party at Binnys Lincoln Park

Chef Rick Bayless

Chef Rick Bayless

Chef’s latest pair of beer projects includes the highly anticipated Cruz Blanca Cervecería opening in West Loop just blocks from Haymarket. The brewpub location will compliment his neighboring Baja California inspired restaurant, Lèna Brava.

Leading the Cruz Blanca brewery efforts will be Head Brewer Jacob Sembrano. Before this role Jacob was Pub Brewmaster at the aforementioned Goose Island Clybourn. While his brewhouse was being constructed Jacob took time create collaboration ales all over the city. Gene was brewed at Half Acre with wheat malt that has been smoked over oak with German hops added. The smoke filled alley of the Taco Corridor in Oaxaca, Mexico inspired that beer.

A visit to Revolution Brewing led to a porter that uses an ample amount of husks that cover cacao beans.

You can expect Cruz Blanca to make it’s debut on May 5th.

For those keeping score at home this now makes seven breweries –Illuminated Brew Works, Haymarket, Cruz Blanca, All Rise, Une Année, Goose Island Fulton, and Like Minds Brewing all within a two mile walk of each other.






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