Stone & Two Brothers Iron Brew Homebrewers Competition


Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar 960 W 31st St




Want a chance to fly to Stone Brewing and have your beer brewed and distributed by Stone?
Mail or deliver your homebrew to Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar in Bridgeport

Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar
960 W 31st St
Chicago, IL 60608

The official event date will be 8/25 and will be a competition in Bridgeport (at Co-Prosperity Sphere).

The first round deadline is 6/30 and is limited to one beer per brewer and has to be mailed to or delivered to Maria’s Packaged Goods in Bridgeport.

The bottle has to include the name, contact info, abv, etc.

20 brewers will be chosen to participate and compete on 8/25 where an esteemed panel of judges including Greg Koch from Stone will judge.

The 1st Place Prize is a trip for two to Cali  to collaborate on a  beer with Stone and Two Brothers. Your beer will be brewed at Stone, bottled and distributed…..BOOM!

* official rules and more details coming soon..stay tuned!!!

*for more information email @



Fly to San Diego to collaborate with Dos Bros Brewing Co


Stone Brewing CEO Greg Koch will be a special guest judge


Beverage Consultant, Co-Host of the Chicago Beer Pass Podcast, The Neat Pour Podcast, Co-Founder and heartbeat of the Chicago Beer Geeks..@nkosio on twitter


  1. Is this open to any style?

  2. Are there any “official rules” for this? The ending of this sentence is a little ambiguous:

    “The bottle has to include the name, contact info, abv, etc.”

  3. Any style beer is okay and will be considered.

    Basically, one beer per brewer.

    We need your name, the name of the brewclub or homebrew, abv, style of beer and contact info in case you are chosen.

    Any further questions, email @

  4. Any limits on adjuncts?

  5. Any word on the results?

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