The 3 Floyds/ Chef Won Kim Carnivore Dinner @ Whole Foods Lincoln Park

Beergasm! Barrel Aged Dark Lord Gelato, Bacon Gelato w Dark Lord Vinaigrette paired w/ FFFXV Anniversary Ale- Baller Stout


The Whole Foods in Lincoln Park is the best in the city. This location is the only one in the Midwest that includes its own pub (the 1550 bar) and, it is also home to the insanely talented Chef Won Kim. Every month in the Lifestyle Kitchen on the upper level Chef hosts a brewery dinner to benefit the Chicago Food Repository. When we got word that the notorious 3 Floyds crew were participating, lets just say my schedule cleared rather quickly for the 430p time slot.

Thanksgiving Ravioli stuffed w turkey breasts, Butter Brown Sage Sauce, Roasted Candied Yams

5 courses paired with 5 beers from Three Floyds is a pretty rare event. 3F Sales Manager-Lincoln Anderson  mentioned its not something the brewery does too often. We forget how small of a brewery these guys are, they only produce  20,000 barrels a year. When you consider the regional breweries they are compared to  like Goose and Founders, thats not alot of beer. In fact many of the beers available on this day were from Lincoln’s personal collection!

1st beer we sampled was 3F SoBro, only 720  were produced. It was a pub only release w most bottles sold last November at FFFXV. They took Robert The Bruce wort and added brettanomyces to the batch creating this Sour Brown Ale. The pairings for this event were really fun. The best beer/ food combo for me was Thanksgiving Ravioli, Brown Butter Sage Sauce, Candied Yams paired with Barrel Aged Black Sun Stout…whoa! Lincoln shared that their barrel program calls for beers to be aged for a year.


This event was hit after hit of items that complimented each other rather nicely.  It was a low key affair with 16 seats, the intimate and rare nature of party is what I appreciated the most.  The dinner ended with a very impressive, beergasmic dessert – The Gelato Duo-Barrel Aged Dark Lord Gelato  and  Bacon Gelato w Dark Lord Vinaigrette Gastrique paired with The XV Anniversary Ale Baller Stout…amazing stuff.


3FSoBro Sour Brown Ale, only 720 hand numbered bottles produced

Here’s the full rundown of the menu from the Carnivore Dinner

1st |  Bangers and Mash w Herb Vinaigrette| 3F SoBro Sour Brown Ale

2nd | Chicken Fried Sweet Breads, Celery Root Puree, Gruyere & Simple Salad|  Arctic Panzer Wolf 

3rd | Thanksgiving Ravioli, Brown Butter Sage Sauce, Roasted Candied Yams | Barrel Aged Black Sun Stout

4th | Smoked Leg Of Lamb, Mint Jelly, Charred Chard, Quick Pickled Radish |  Robert The Bruce Scottish Ale

5th |  Duo Of Gelato-Barrel Aged Dark Lord Gelato, Bacon Gelato w Dark Lord Vinaigrette | FFFXV Anniversary Ale Baller Stout




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