2nd Annual Chicago Craft Beer Week

Last week, your favorite Chicago-based beer geeks had the opportunity to attend a press event regarding upcoming Chicago Craft Beer week activities. Hosted by the good folks over at Haymarket Pub & Brewery, the event shed light on the plethora of beergasmic events on the horizon.

Taking place from May 19 thru May 27, one presenter offered the analogy that Chicago Beer Week is very similar to Chicago Restaurant Week, with hundreds, if not thousands of local eateries; from Burger Bar to Frontera offering beer pairings to accompany specialty prix fixe menus. While impossible to list them all here, the Chicago Beer Week website does an excellent job of showcasing a wide variety of them.

I’m sure everyone has their particular preference, but I’m especially looking forward to the BeerFly AlleyFight! at Haymarket, Stone/3F’s DEATH AND DBL DEUCES at Small Bar, and the Goose Island Reserve Tasting. Make sure to purchase your Beer Week Passports and confirm the requirements to attend the events that tickle your fancy:

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  1. yea the voyage of the IPA boat cruise is definiately on my radar…i love this town!

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