Founders Event at Haymarket Brewery

Tonight a couple of us Chicago Beer Geeks headed over to the new Haymarket Brewery for a special Founders event they were throwing.  12 Founders beers on tap including some rarities such as: Canadian Breakfast Stout, Nemesis, Backwoods Bastard, and Nawego County Cherry.  There were other Founders on tap as well.  I have had CBS once before 2 years ago and it was everything I remember.  A great barrel aged stout with that sweet hint of maple from the maple barrel aging.  The CBS was tapped out withing 20 minutes, so alot of people were unable to sample this rare treat.  2010 Nemesis still amazes me how good it is, especially on tap.  If you ever get a chance to have it on tap don’t pass this one up.

Overall a good time even though it was packed for the event.  Will be making more trips back to Haymarket especially once they get there own creations on tap later this month.  With an event like tonights Founders night they are headed in the right direction for a new Chicago-land Brewery


Founder of Chicago Beer Geeks also Founder of Windy City Stangs, a Chicagoland Mustang Club. I work in the IT industry but also do some DJ work at local bars and clubs.


  1. yea damn good time at so glad a wicked bar is finally in west loop..much cooler than the bar louie that was there before it.

    left with some nice complimentary glassware from the good folks @founders.. lots of smiles..good music..and fun unexpected brews later in the evening..we should do that every wednesday!

  2. I’m hoping the wait is less than 3 hours next time for a table. Also very interested to see what they put on tap from their own fermenters in back. Really nice facility from what was visible, which was quite a bit!

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