Road Trip! The 3rd Annual Beer Bloggers Conference In Indianapolis


crowd toasting during the Spiegelau Glassware presentation featuring Brooklyn Brewery and the 3rd Annual Beer Bloggers Conference July 13-15th Downtown Indianapolis


The only thing more awesome than the beers we drink are the people that we meet along the way. We are proud to celebrate beer culture in our city. We discuss the people, the neighborhoods, and the events that make our town awesome. We had the rare opportunity to spend 3 lively days in Indiana’s State Capital to rock out with our peers from across the country.  Prior commitments forced us to miss the Pre Conference Excursion led by Kristin Stroud & CBG Jess.  We planned to meet everyone in Lafayette, Indiana at the Lafayette Brewing Company however, we quickly got distracted when passing Munster, and decided to hit Three Floyds instead. Later we found out that the LBC was a  pretty awesome scene, and even opened a bottle of 13 yr old barelywine for the bloggers in attendance.

The Audacity Of Hops IPA from the ‘Night Of Many Bottles’ Party Saturday Night

I didn’t know what to expect from the conference, and was on the fence about attending..that was before we learned Garrett Oliver and Chicago’s Own Randy Mosher were delivering keynote speeches. We were blown away by BBC’12 and our trip to Indy on many levels. The 3 day conference was scheduled nicely on the same weekend as the 17th Annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival. We also got to spend an afternoon at Sun King Brewing ( a brewery that in 3 short years already has 9 GABF medals.)

Speeches by Julia Herz Program Director of the Brewers Association, Live Blogging, Lunch with The Jacob Leinenkugel Company, The Night Of Many Bottles, The Spiegelau Glassware Demonstration, hearing both keynote addresses, and spending time with fellow beer bloggers were some of the many highlights. The conference, put on by Zephyr Adventures, was packed with non stop events. The 10th largest distributor in the country, Monarch Beverage Company, played a huge roll in the conferencing coming to Indy. On a personal note, I finally met the founder of Girls Pint Out Tamre Mullins. She was a gracious hostess during our pub crawl, which introduced us to some wonderful local venues and beers. (Sun King Pappy Van Muckle…YES!)
My favorite spot had to be The Rathskeller. A venue described as  “Bavarian Flair in Downtown Indy”.  It’s the oldest restaurant in town, located in the Athenaeum Building, which is on the National Register Of Historic Places. It’s a massive space that feels cozy and has a wicked beer garden in the rear.



Here are a few images of our road trip to Indiana.

got sidetracked and decided to hit Three Floyds Brewpub in Munster, Indiana on the way down

The 17th Annual Microbrewers Festival was part of the Saturday afternoon agenda.

Against The Grain Brewery

The Cask Tent and IMF


CBG Nik & Julia Herz, Program Director of the Brewers Association


a 3 course lunch with The Jacob Leinenkugel Company concluded w The Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (8.5%) paired w chocolate mousse


Tour of the 10th largest US distributor Monarch Beverage Company concluded w dinner and Bells Black Note ( a blend of Special Double Cream Stout & Expedition Stout aged in bourbon barrels…boom!)

Hello My Name Is Amber

The People Choice: just a few of the awards that reside at Sun King Brewery. They hosted a farewell lunch for us on Sunday afternoon


completely self distributed



The 3rd Annual Beer Bloggers Conference, July 13-15th Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana




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  1. Hope you liked the audacity of hops, CBC is one of the best brewpubs in New England.

    It was great meeting you shy guys, hope to see ya next year!


    • really enjoyed ourselves in Indy. All the out-of-market treats was the cherry on the sundae! great meeting you guys as well.

      CBG Nik

  2. It was so great to have you guys there with us! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, and hope you can make it in 2013, too. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the conference is getting better and better every year!

  3. Thanks Elle. The conference really did blow our expectations out of the water. We weren’t sure what to expect but at least for myself it was not anywhere near the great time I had, and was well worth the cost of the conference.

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