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Here are some CBG writers who have moved on to other projects or are no longer with CBG

Jessica - CBG Senior Correspondent

Jessica – CBG Senior Correspondent

Biography: I wasn’t much of a beer person until I met my hubby in the summer of 2004. My love of beer exploded, though, when I got a job that required a lot of travel. I was more of a wine person at the time, but wine is very terroir dependent while beer can be brewed anywhere. It became my hobby to seek out the local brewery or breweries of every destination I was sent to. Now the hubby and I plan vacations around beer, although my first love is Chicago and the ever-expanding beer scene.

Favorite Beer: I am a hop head so double IPAs are my favorite style right now. I also love very spicy beers like Dogfish Head Punkin and Great Lakes Christmas Ale.

Favorite Music:  I’m actually more of an NPR kind of girl…



Other Hobbies:  The hubby and I are getting more into home brewing and hopefully will gain better skills and knowledge in that area. Other interests? Travel, theater, running, riding my bike, reading, and Law & Order: SVU marathons.


YellowBird - CBG Correspondent

YellowBird – CBG Correspondent

Biography: A vegetarian craft beer geek who obsesses all things beer. A coffee enthusiast with supervision responsibilities at Starbucks Coffee. A Math tutor at Taft High School with Bachelor’s in Mathematics. A determined individual who will work at a brewery one day.

Favorite Beer: For my go to, Half Acre’s Daisy Cutter. For a special treat, Goose Island’s Bourbon County Brand Stout.

Favorite Music:  Lover of most genre’s, but obscurity peaks my interest. Favorite band is Bright Eyes. Other favorites include: Man Overboard, Fear Before the March of Flames, Die Antwoord, Good Old War, Circa Survive, Dr. Manhattan, and Envy on the Coast

Hobbies:  Home brewer. First batch was March of 2011, and it was all grain. Toy collector. Obsessed with the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise and have quite an extensive collection. Also have collectibles from all over the Horror/Sci-Fi realm. Preferable method of transportation is my bicycle. Lover of my Standard Poodle, and my pathetic attempts at self grooming her. Nintendo fanboy, who plays every new Mario and Zelda adventure until 100% completion.


Oscar - CBG Correspondent

Oscar – CBG Correspondent

Biography: Originally from Texas, my love of craft beer really took off when I moved to Chicago and got exposed to the local and regional breweries. Although I love Chicago, I also enjoy traveling and I make it a point to pick up any local beers that I can’t get at home. Recently, I’ve also started homebrewing.


Favorite Beer: I pretty much love anything barrel-aged. My all time favorite is Founders KBS.

Favorite Music:  My musical tastes lean to the indie and punk side of the spectrum. Favorite bands include Sundowner, Lucero, Lawrence Arms, The Hold Steady, Cursive, and Rocky Votolato.

Hobbies:  Going to shows, cooking, beer hunting, thrifting, and reading.


Mike - CBG Correspondent

Mike – CBG Correspondent

Biography: Automotive Technician by trade, self described level 5 beer hunter by choice. For me the thrill of the hunt is as rewarding as the payoff. Every pour is a new adventure to be experienced, appreciated, and shared. Cheers!

Favorite Beer: desert island pic- Surly Furious
one night stand- Bayerischer Bahnhof Berliner Weisse Brettanomyces Lambicus or Dogfish Head Bitches

Favorite Music:  Ambient Electronic, Black Metal, Blues, Stoner rock, NOLA sludge, Doom, Drone…. If it’s got a good hook, I’ll give it a look!


Hobbies:  I’m a bit of a collector. Silkscreen posters, LP’s, and of course all things craft beer.

Other Interests:  Attending as many live concerts as I can fit in, video games, and enjoying and discussing good beer with friends and fellow beer lovers.


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