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The Lincoln Square Experience

5 Rabbit Gringolandia Super Pils and a pretty sweet David Bowie, Aladdin Sane hand fan courtesy of 93XRT

  The 2014 Square Roots Festival In this City of Neighborhoods (77 official to be exact), I’ve definitely become someone who rejoices in smaller fests that reflect the devotion of those who both live and work in the vibrant neighborhoods they represent. Events like Taste of River North, West Fest …

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Good Beer Wins at BUG

Baderbrau Lawnmower Lager and Big Star's Chips and Guac at CCBW Opening Ceremonies in Garfield Park

  Spring 2014 was not kind to us. It tried hard to ruin our favourite activities with unusually f*#ked up weather. The kick off to Chicago Craft Beer Week was no exception. Just days before the event Garfield Park Conservatory announced its decision to move Beer Under Glass completely outdoors …

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Goose Flies The Friendly Skies

United Air VP of Food Services, Lynda Coffman addressing the crowd

    Recently Chicago’s oldest brewery announced that its beer will be served on the 3rd largest airline in North America. Goose Island and Chicago-based United Airlines threw a party in the Goose Barrel Showcase Room to make the announcement. The fun begins starting July 1 on worldwide flights and …

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BrewDogs Chicago Episode

Brew Dogs_1

  The Revolution will be televised! Usually we don’t discuss national TV shows on this outlet, but this is too exciting to pass up. James Watt and Martin Dickie are founders of the UK’s fastest growing brewery – BrewDog. The duo travel the globe challenging brewers to help them create …

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The Rude Hippo Interview

The Rude Hippo Brewing Company. Chicago, IL

  Over sips of Tito’s Homemade Vodka and lemonade we recently caught up with the crew behind Chicago’s newest brewery – Rude Hippo. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these cats for a few years now. We met at the city’s premier underground beer showcase – Chef Won Kim’s Brew …

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